Evelyn Moolenburgh

Evelyn Moolenburgh

Meet Evelyn.

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Accomplished consultant and avid reader with an eye for innovation. Her passion for making a difference has propelled her through more than 25 years in the Consulting and Learning & Development industry. From managing the implementation of large change programs through to leadership and learning and development challenges, Evelyn has always been distinguished by her ability to “harness a problem and solve it”. Her strength lies in offering solutions for what is ultimately intangible: changing someone’s behaviour to make them more engaged, productive and gain greater enjoyment out of what they do.

Her passion to add value to not only the technical side of learning and development programs, but also to the ancillary aspects, is what led her to establish Learning Ventures in 2011. As the leader of this boutique consulting company she thrives on her ability to learn, be innovative and agile, and make a real difference to her clients. Evelyn’s passion for challenges extends into her personal life as the mother of 2 teenage boys and as leader of the local fire brigade, although she is still deciding which is the more dangerous of the two.

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