Our Story

In February 2011 a seed was planted.

Our working lives had been a dress rehearsal until then. Opportunities were plentiful.

Did we want to impact people’s lives by designing innovative leadership development learning journeys for Australian companies?

Were there significant financial benefits to corporate Australia in the outsourcing of their learning business processes.

How could we use new world technology and social structures in virtual and collaborative ways to maximize learning outcomes.

The common theme was LEARNING. We wanted to create and develop all these VENTURES.

The employees and team members in corporate and government in Australia are very privileged. They have the opportunity and access to leadership development. Was it possible to set up a learning foundation to help our not so privileged to access the same learning opportunities.

In February 2011 Learning Ventures was planted and watered. The vision was to become a viable and sustainable leadership development consultancy for all.

By February 2012, Learning Ventures had a stable of large corporate clients.

We implement innovative multi-level and multi-disciplinary leadership development journeys that are customized and offer a holistic approach to development.

All our interventions are aligned to cultural change and all have measured impact and ROI for their people and Executive teams.

Learning Ventures has thrived in the changing conditions of the current marketplace.

Clients want “behaviour change.” Clients want impact from their leadership development programs. Clients want skills embedded “on the job” . Clients want talent to be promotable and ‘ready now” from the learning development they have completed. Learning Ventures continues to grow and thrive.

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