Our Work


We develop leaders and business leadership:

  • Innovative and engaging content and solutions
  • Multi-disciplinary; tasks, behaviour, skills
  • Multi-level;
    • Graduate
    • Team member
    • Team leader
    • Leader of leaders
    • Talent
    • Executive
  • Customised to your needs and context
  • Branded and aligned
  • Blended initiatives in a journey
  • Holistic; whole people for a whole business

To deliver:

  • Embedded behaviour change
  • Business results
  • Return on investment
  • Immediate benefits
  • Long term gains
  • High performance cultures

Creating a high performance culture and sustained business results has been fascinating CEO’s, executives, leaders and educators since business began. What is known is that leadership is a critical factor to develop a culture that will deliver.

Our teams need skills, agility, resilience and talent to outperform our competitors. And they need good coaches and role models as leaders to achieve the best from everyone.

Learning Ventures works in true partnership with you; as part of your team to coach both you and your people to perform at their best as leaders. We work holistically with your people, on skills, motivation and ownership of their own leadership development.

Our research is focused on the latest in learning design. We are constantly questioning what we as a business need to do to adapt to the latest generation and it’s needs or the latest technology and it’s benefits. Our business is agile and not afraid.

This profession is our passion, our learning culture and research is important to keep us at the forefront of developments in our field and we are happy to share and innovate to ensure your programs deliver.

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