Talent Booster

Our most exciting product and learning yet; Talent Booster combines all the benefits and methodology of the Leadership and Team Booster programs but in a fully customised journey for both the collaborative learning circle and each circle member.

With the same research driving the development of Talent Booster we have created another innovative product. Based on a combination of collaborative learning and learning circle theory; talent booster is an accelerated program of customised 2 hour modules of leadership skills, strategic projects and concepts. In addition, the learning journey is supplemented by a “real” on the job development program, which drives conceptual and behaviour change into reality. Finally, add a social network to drive peer to peer accountability and we are developing wide ranging competencies to enable participants to perform better in our complex world.

The final enhancement is if we make our Talent Booster participants, the Booster Coaches for either a Leadership Booster or a Team Booster implementation. What better way to ensure they also develop and demonstrate the less concrete skills required to build high performing teams. This is “Leader as Coach” at its most successful.

Where this learning journey differs from our other Leadership and Team programs is in the customization. This is not content heavy, nor specific skills driven. This is about transforming a leaders mindset from one level to the next and completely transforming or enhancing their leadership skills to be your future executives.

Talent Booster is the future of leadership development and learning. To find our more contact evelyn.moolenburgh@learningventures.com.au or phone Evelyn on 61 2 9571 8486.

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