Team Booster

In this day and age, leadership is not confined to just “Leaders of People” The dated notion that we are all only hierarchies no longer fits our digital, global and networked world.

These days, teams are cross functional, global, cross region, cross level and cross leadership. Individual contributors and subject matter experts need to step up to leadership in many facets of business life. So leadership skills are needed because we all lead and work collaboratively with people.

Team Booster is foundation skills, skills in personal effectiveness and the skills required to lead and implement change day to day.

With all the benefits and design of Leadership Booster, Team Booster is based on the same combination of collaborative learning and learning circle theory. Team Booster is 10 x 2 hour modules of self leadership skills and concepts.

Groups of 6 circle members embark on a learning journey together. The blended journey combines 2 hour facilitated modules of a single skill each time combined with preparation, on the job practice, feedback, reflection and the support and accountability for implementation and behaviour change. This accelerates the skills development process.

Modules are best rolled out every 2-4 weeks. They can be facilitated locally in a face to face meeting or virtually over any of the virtual collaborative meeting solutions available. Meaning your 6 circle members do not need to travel to successfully learn and develop.

Team Booster modules range from foundation skills such as communications, listening, and feedback to skills to improve team effectiveness and skills to improve personal leadership effectiveness.

In total you can select from over 20 hours of facilitated leadership development. This is supplemented by more than 20 hours of blended, reflection, self development and on the job learning components and supported by your learning circle peers and your Team Booster Coach.

Team Booster is the future of leadership development and learning. To find our more contact or phone Evelyn on 61 2 9571 8486

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